Next6 is one of the most effective business consultancy exercises for product based small businesses. Next6 employs different thinking to bring out tougher questions on the direction and improvement potential of your business, product or project progress and approach.  It’s a very practical, effective, positive and constructive way to raise, discuss, clarify and tackle challenging projects and improvement opportunities.

Welcome to Next6

Hi, I’m Bill Kelly, and I’ve been involved with products, projects and general business management for over 35 years. I’ve worked at senior level across multiple industries on a wide variety of successful technical and business projects, and more recently as a freelance special projects / management advisor to a multi-business owner and investor.  It was during that period that I built and refined the basis of the Next6 approach as a better, more effective way to assess, consider and tackle product, project and business challenges and opportunities.

Next6 isn’t like standard business help (for example, specialist sales, marketing or finance advice). Instead, Next6 looks right at the heart of your business, product or project opportunity from a very different perspective.  It’s aim is to uncover and challenge your thinking on other key but potentially under-addressed areas, unique to you, that could have significant influence and impact on your progress, traction, and both short and longer term direction and opportunity. 

That’s a much harder challenge than you might expect. Especially from inside the organisation and existing management team.  That’s because it requires not only a true, independent (external) perspective, but also a very different skillstack and observational style from traditional business, product or project management. Next6 brings that additional skillstack and experience to your team, providing constructive independent input and actionable support in a balanced and positive way, giving you that extra perspective to aid your planning and decision making as you move forward.

While most organisations will benefit from the valuable extra insight generated by a Next6 consultancy exercise, it’s especially effective for:

Getting a fresh perspective on current, new, non-standard and special projects

As an insight exercise prior to (or as a key part of) specialist sales, marketing, financial or business planning consultancy

Uncovering and addressing issues behind unplanned or unexpected low / non-increasing level of product or service generated income

Technical or business partnership opportunities and challenges

Alternative idea or concept prototyping and opportunity assessment

Independent, constructive help with internal challenges such as friction, competing views, drifting enthusiasm, and a need to re-energise projects

Consideration of potential lifestyle changes, downsizing, preperation for sale or investment

If you are a business owner or senior manager with a current product or project opportunity or challenge, are keen to explore side projects or potential additional opportunities, or maybe considering business or product change, then give me a call on 01684 607040 or drop me an email to to find out more about how some Next6 thinking could help

Bill has a very effective approach to helping with product and business challenges. Through discussion, close observation and his own research, he firstly evaluates what you do, how you do it, and how you got to where you are. He then reflects that back to you as it looks from outside your own thinking.  It may sound simple, but he’s very perceptive, continually challenging your thinking in a constructive and supportive way, while generating more open and forward thinking discussion around a better way forward. His input and help definitely improved our project success rate,  and I’d encourage anyone looking for improvement to give his Next6 approach a try.

Mark Swabey, Managing Director – Risk Reasoning Software

Bill got involved in one of our joint product improvement exercises while working for a key technology partner. By taking a different view of the challenge, he uncovered an alternative, simpler, more realistic improvement opportunity that was better aligned to our timescales and available resources, and ultimately led to a more practical, more cost effective and quicker-to-market performance improvement solution. Highly recommended.

Darran Smith, Technical Manager – Alpha Heating Innovation

As a small company with a stretched product team, having access to Bill’s support and input was a great asset.  He brought a fresh perspective to a number of our product and project challenges that helped identify a better way forward, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for product, project or general business progress improvement. 

Peter Greenwood – Greenwood Associates

Bill was an excellent ambassador for the business partner he was representing, and he brought an improved, open and more constructive style of management and project discussion to an area that had previously been a source of frustration and project delay. Having worked closely with him, I would have no hesitation in recommending him for professional assistance with technical partnerships and projects.

Adrian Acaster, Managing Director – Blades LCS

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